About Me

I started making jewellery when I discovered that I could stitch with wire. Sewing has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, as a young child I made clothes for my dolls with remnants of fabric left over from the clothes my Mum made for me and my sister. As I got older she passed on many textile skills to me and eventually I went on to do a degree in Embroidery at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Me and my work in 2009

A few years later, when I was living in Sicily, some friends of mine who made copper jewellery, let me have a play in their studio and I discovered wire. I soon realised that I could stitch with it and made my first very basic piece of handstitched wire jewellery. It hangs in my studio as a reminder, my techniques and designs have come a long way since then! The Italian connection has not been forgotten now either, many of my designs have Italian names like my Alessandra or my Lorena designs.

In 2004, and back in England, I started exploring my idea further using coloured wires and beads at first. Then I was drawn back to my textile roots, and in my Grandma's button tin I found a beautiful carved mother of pearl button. A little reluctantly at first (as I wanted to keep this treasure for myself!) I decided that I should make this into jewellery with silver wire so that it could be appreciated rather than sit in a drawer somewhere, and that was the beginning of my Vintage Collection. Now this collection has many designs and also includes Vintage Noir,  made with old hooks, eyes and press studs and black wire. Most recently I have been experimenting with vintage lace and silver wire. I think that those grandmothers who hoarded away all of those buttons and haberdashery back in the times of "make do and mend" would be pleased to know that they are being used at last.

Workshop at the Bluecoat in Liverpool, November 2010

I exhibit my jewellery regularly, either through galleries or at contemporary craft events around the UK, I really enjoy these as it's a chance to meet customers and make friends with other makers.

I also run workshops in arts centres around the country.