Friday, 27 January 2012

Top Drawer 2012 - Earl Court

2012 kicked off in a busy style with lots of prep for this enormous Trade Fair in Earls Court London. I designed my stand differently (scroll down for a peek) redesigned and updated my catalogue, and made one or two new designs to boot.

I'm really pleased with how it looked! I even took my Mum's old button tin with lots of old haberdashery spilling out of it to show what the jewellery is made from.

I included some of the old lacemaker samples that I've found too.

The show was quieter than last year (in our section at least) but I did take orders and make some valuable contacts. I met the buyer from the V&A - I'd really love to sell my jewellery there! And I'm another step closer to my jewellery being sold in Kensington Palace too- I got the email to set me up as a supplier today!

Last year I was lucky enough to make friends with 3 other jewellery makers (links at the bottom of the blog) and we all made sure we were next to each other, went out for meals and helped each other out. I needed extra help as I had a problem with my car, had to stay another night and needed rescuing by the RAC! Not a great end to the show. I like doing shows, but this is a stressful one - driving in central London, 700 other stands- which is rather overwhelming, especially when you are competing with really big business and mass produced products too. Not for the faint hearted!

Thanks to Amanda Coleman, - lovely silver and gold plated jewellery featuring birds, spiders, dragonflies and synchronised swimmers! Dee Barnes - colourful printed vinyl jewellery and especially Kate Hamilton Hunter, - recycled biscuit tin jewellery, as she put me up for an extra night.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

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