Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Crafty afternoons in Chester

I have been running some afternoon workshops for English In Chester, a language school in Chester. Those of you who know me will know that my "other life" has been teaching English as a foreign language. (I spent 5 years living in Italy, most of it in Sicily in a place called Siracusa (beautiful crumbly architecture, blue skies, warm seas and delicious food - but that was another chapter in my life!)

Sorry I can't resist a picture now I have started thinking about it.....

Streets in the old town Ortigia, Siracusa...so lovely!
Anyhow back to the present!

This year instead of organising and running the summer school for the teenage students, and all the resposibility that entails, I have actually been able to do some art activities with them a couple of afternoons which has been great fun and they have made some lovely things.

Last week we made bangles using wooden blanks and old magazines torn into strips and collaged on with special glue.

This student collected up comic strip style print for her bangle

Putting the final touches, a strip of paper to line the inside
Today we designed and painted T shirts, using stencils that students made from scratch - and the results were pretty good for just 2 hours work!

Great result, drying off before a good iron!

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