Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Time travelling jewellery....?

My Vintage Noir and Vintage Mother of Pearl Button jewellery is on display as part of this unusual exhibition at The Harley Gallery Welbeck, Worksop, Nottinghamshire -  Craft Revolution

The shop has been taken over by Hannah Obee, curator at Chatsworth, from 9 May - 20 June. Taking inspiration from Welbeck’s Portland Collection and Chatsworth’s Devonshire Collection she is showing how contemporary craft complements the history of these stately homes, focusing on the Royalist and Baroque styles of the 17th Century.


Imagine my surprise when I looked carefully at Jane Cavendish (whose family lived at Welbeck) - she's wearing my Alessandra earrings from my Vintage Noir Collection! She's also wearing a pearl and silver necklace by Yvonne Gilhooly.

What a clever way to show what the project is all about!

The jewellery in close up
Alessandra earrings - Vintage Noir

 I'd love to be involved in other projects like this. The idea of being inspired by a collection of objects is really exciting.

So if anyone has any challenges for me let me know!

Find pictures of the exhibition on the Harley Gallery's page on Facebook

The Curated Craft Shop project at The Harley Gallery is part of museumaker, a prestigious national project involving sixteen museums across four participating regions. museumaker is supported by Arts Council England (ACE), Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) and its Renaissance Programme

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